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Website hosting: How to Host a Website

With the large number of companies offering web hosting solutions today, it seems like a simple task to choose a package for your website. However, this variety of choices and the aggressive promotional campaigns of the web hosting companies make this choice difficult. For example godaddy.com’s introductory offers are very compelling, and they are one of the few companies to offer renewal coupons.

Different methods available for you to host a website

There are four methods to host a website, each one with its advantages and disadvantages. You must know them all, in order to make the best choice for your case. 1. Home Hosting: it is a complicated method, and even if some webmasters prefer it, as they have total control on the site, as long as it is hosted on their personal computer, it is not that great in terms of costs. It might seem like a free solution, but considering the fact that the computer must be turned on all the time, you might pay huge electricity bills. Moreover, a person that wants to choose this method needs advanced technical notions of HTML and networking. 2. Land-based hosting companies: you can find a large number of local companies offering hosting services on their servers. You can look for those companies online, and you will need to reach their offices to sign a hosting contract. 3. Free web hosting services: free web hosting has the only advantage that it is…free. Those solutions are slow and unreliable, and your…