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We like to consider our time more like a group of professionals with a vast experience in hosting and web services. Sure, our team is made of former employees of different hosting companies, and this is maybe the difference from other sites of this kind. However, our strongest point is the friendship created between the members of the group. Our team will always be at your disposal for any enquiry you might have, making sure that your questions are answered in record time.

BBCwebhosting is not an obscure company with a dilettante webmasters that offers copied reviews from the internet. BBCwebhosting is a page created by professionals for other professionals. This does not mean that a beginner can’t contact us. On the contrary, this is the starting website for any person that wants to create a personal blog or any other kind of internet service.

Our goal is to present the best hosting companies available on the internet. However, even if the reviews here are made both by professionals and by independent users, we know that there are hundreds of hosting services available on the internet. You might want a detailed review about a hosting service that is not presented here. You might not approve with our Top 10 hosting companies, or you might want another company introduced in this top. Our team of professionals is always ready to hear your opinions, to answer your questions and to make sure you can choose the best hosting package on the internet available for your growing site.

Reviews of independent webmasters are important for us. If you are the user of a hosting company and you don’t approve with one of your reviews, or if you know the characteristics of a hosting package are modified compared with what we present her, we would like you to contact us as soon as possible. As for writing an article for us or presenting your opinion about one of the hosting companies presented here, we would like you to know that independent reviews and articles written by our happy customers are considered our most valuable resource.