About Us

About Us

BBCwebhosting is more than a simple site allowing you to compare other sites. We like to consider our service as a community for webmasters, a place where you can ask other users about their experience with different hosting companies, and about the newest discoveries made in this field. While in the past, the hosting options offered to webmasters were limited and expensive, today, you can find solid hosting for a decent sum. How? By using the services offered here, and by comparing all the available solutions using our smart comparing engines.

Our goal is to convince the visitors to return to our page even after finding the right hosting package. You can return whenever you want to read the free articles presenting the newest hosting news, the most powerful servers and the security measurements that you can take for your site. You can even become a member of the BBCwebhosting community by posting your opinions in the blog. It is of no importance of you are only a beginner webmasters. Your opinion might be important for other hundreds of visitors that don’t know so much about hosting.

Another reason to return here is to find the latest coupons, promotions and discounts from the hosting world. As there is a huge competition between the hosting companies, they must offer those facilities to the clients in order to attract them. On BBCwebhosting, you will read about the anniversary promotions of those companies, and you can benefit of discounts of 80 % or more!

As for the comparison method used by BBCwebhosting to offer the visitors a clear review of the hosting companies, you will probably not be able to find such service anywhere else in the world of internet. BBCwebhosting does not only compare hosting companies, bit it also reviews them, making it easier for the webmasters to make their choice.

We know that a new webmaster is probably confused about terms like CMS, VPS, reselling, FTP and so. Those terms are carefully explained by our professionals in the glossary section. We are talking about the same professionals that made the reviews for the hosting companies presented on BBCwebhosting.

In case you don’t know which one of the presented services to choose, you can ask on the blog, or you can simply send an enquiry to our support. Our team will strive to answer your query as soon as possible, as we know that speed is a determining factor in the internet world today.

Our dedicated team will take care of all your hosting needs, so you can concentrate only on the content on the page and on making it the most important website in your niche. With our vast experience in hosting, we know how burdening and annoying is to have problems with your hosting company all day long. Such problems will result in lost visitors, an annoying site and Google penalties. With our team, all the problems of this kind are eliminated, and you will be able to focus only on what is really important for your webpage.