What A VPS Is And Why You Need One?

The first thing to think of when you decide to start a new website is hosting.

Any internet website is hosted with one of those companies, but as there are many of them, each one offering different packages with different characteristics, it is sometimes hard to decide what is the best option for you. The web hosting companies would probably recommend you VPS hosting or even a dedicated server, but are those the facilities you really need for a small website? Let’s see the characteristics of VPS web hosting, and if this represents a reliable solution for you.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS means Virtual Private Server, and it is a compromise solution between shared hosting and a dedicated server. It is perfect for medium websites. In the case of shared hosting, several hundreds of websites are hosted on the same server, and the instability of one website affects all the other sites hosted on the same server. VPS means that a hosting company takes one server, dividing it into several parts. Each one of those parts represents a VPS.

The advantage is that each one of those VPS acts like a private server. Even if one site on the server is attacked, the stability of other VPS’s on the same server will not be affected.

Why do you need VPS?

It is sometimes hard to decide about the best hosting solution for your site. If you have a new site, you will probably want a shared hosting solution that is cheap and effective for such sites. On the other hand, the hosting company recommends you a VPS solution, to benefit of all the facilities that come with this solution. Moreover, if you want to start a video sharing site or a virtual online store, you will probably need a reliable hosting solution with a large number of facilities since the start. In this complicated scenario, which is the best solution? Well, even if it is more expensive than shared hosting, if you have serious plans with your website and you want to see it growing fast, the best solution would be a VPS hosting package.

In the case of shared hosting, we have hundreds of sites fighting for the same number of limited resources. Sometimes, the webmasters are not even able to detect the source of the problem. All they know is that their site is slow, and they don’t know why. It is because all the other webmaster having websites on the same server decided to run their tasks at the same time. In the case of VPS, you will have the resources at your discretion, and whether you are using the resources or not, the hosting company has to make sure that those resources are available.

Another solution would be a dedicated server, but you will have to keep an eye on the budget. Those solutions are expensive; therefore, they are not recommended for a simple personal blog. The private server is preferred by large companies and online stores that need a reliable hosting solution and increased security.


The Virtual Private Server represents the best compromise between quality and price. You will pay less than you would have to pay for a dedicated server and the struggles for RAM and resources are eliminated. Let’s suppose there are four other sites hosted with the VPS solution besides your site. In case all the other four sites are running their tasks at the same time, you will benefit of 1/5 of the total resources of the server. In case those sites don’t use the allotted resources, you will have the chance to use 100 % of the resources available on the server for a limited period.

The hosting companies prefer to divide their servers into 4 or 8 Virtual Private Servers; therefore, the prices of those services are reduced. As a principle, you are using the resources of a single server along with three or seven other webmasters, and the costs are divided to all of you. The prices are compared with the prices of a shared hosting package; therefore, this is the most reliable solution for an average website with growing perspectives for the near future.

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