The Five Types Of Webhosting Accounts

Today, if you want to start a website, all you need is an idea. As for the technical part, you can find hundreds of companies ready to help you with web design, hosting, SEO and social media integration.

One of the most important aspects about a good website is hosting, even if a large number of webmasters neglect it.

The main categories of hosting are:

-  Free Hosting

-  Shared Hosting

-  VPS hosting

-  Reseller

-  Dedicated hosting

All those categories have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s analyze those hosting solutions more carefully, to determine which of those packages are mostly suited for your needs.

1. Free Hosting

This is the simplest methods to host a website, but the only advantage of this method is the fact that it is free. There are many problems with this type of hosting, starting with the limited number of resources and ending with the small number of features. However, the most important disadvantage of this type of hosting is that you will have a sub-domain, meaning that your site will have an address like Besides being hard to remember for the visitors, this type of website is hard to optimize for search engines.

2. Shared Hosting

The cheapest hosting solution, ideal for beginners and webmasters that need a personal blog or a small website. The main problem with shared hosting is the limited number of resources, and the fact that you will share the resources of a single server with hundreds of other websites. Besides being vulnerable to hacking attacks on other sites hosted there, you will also need to “fight” with a large number of other users for the resources of the server. Otherwise, a cheap solution for learning the secrets of web-mastering.

3. VPS

A perfect compromise between shared hosting and a dedicated server. Practically, you will have a virtual server, with its own RAM memory, disk space and bandwidth. The only problem is that you will share the physical server with other users, but this time, we are talking about other 3 or 7 users. Unlike in the case of shared hosting, an attack on the site of your “neighbor” will not affect the performances of your website.

4. Reseller Account

This is a special type of account designed especially for people that want to start a hosting business. You will need to see lots of reviews before choosing such a service, as the differences in terms of features offered and prices will make the difference between a successful business and a failure.

5. Dedicated Servers

This solution is designed for solid websites, and you should carefully think before buying such a server. Hosting of this kind means a huge responsibility, but also lots of money. Check the different prices offered, and make sure your monthly payments of a few hundred dollars are justified.

Those are the basic packages offered by hosting companies, but each one of them might have different features and specifications. Before buying such a service, make sure you understand all its facilities, and determine if you really need them for your website or not.

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