Is My Web Hosting really Unlimited?

As an owner of a small website, you will probably look for a reliable and cheap hosting solution, as you don’t have hundreds of dollars to pay for a dedicated server every month.

However, even if the hosting companies promise unlimited bandwidth and hard disk space, considering that you are only paying a few dollars a month, you are probably wondering if those unlimited facilities are really…unlimited.

Unlimited space

The concept of “unlimited” is relative when it comes to hosting. The average internet page occupies about 100 KB of space, unless we are talking about music and video sharing pages. As a website has about 10 different pages, it means that a complete website needs about 1 MB of space. Therefore, you will probably never reach the maximum allotted space, so you would think that your hard disk space is unlimited. In reality, it is limited at about 2-3 GB of space, but with a small page, you will never be able to reach this limit.

Unlimited bandwidth

Just as in the case of the unlimited space, the concept of unlimited bandwidth is also relative. Let’s take the same average website of 1 MB with 200 visitors a day. This type of site needs about 6 GB of traffic each month. The hosting companies usually allot about 10-12 GB of space for those sites, so there is no possibility for the website to reach this maximum limit. This is why the hosting companies can offer “unlimited bandwidth”.

Unlimited websites

In the case of unlimited websites, the hosting companies deliver what they promise, meaning that you can actually make as many sites as you want. The problem in this case is that every new site occupies space and bandwidth, so after a while, your “unlimited” hard disk space and bandwidth might be reached.

How can you determine the limits of the “unlimited” facilities?

All the limits of those services are stated in the terms and conditions of the respective website. Nobody bothers to read them anyway, so before complaining to the hosting company about the fact that you have reached one your limits, read the terms and conditions. In case those limits are reached, you must think about buying an enhanced hosting package. For a small website or for a personal blog, the shared hosting packages are perfect, and the facilities are truly unlimited. On the other hand, for an advanced site with hundreds of visitors each day, and with a complex structure, at least a VPS hosting solution or even a dedicated server are recommended.

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