How To Start Your Own Web hosting Company?

One of the simplest and rewarding businesses that you can start online is hosting. You don’t need advanced technical knowledge, and some basic notions about hosting a website are more than enough to start a business of this kind.

The start up costs are reduced, and all you need is a reseller account from one of the companies offering this service, a software for generating invoices and bills, a merchant account that is needed to offer legality for your business, and a Customer Service system.

With the help of a good hosting company, you can obtain all those features in less than a day. Then, all you need to do is to promote your business and to start gathering clients. However, before starting such a business, you will have to compare a large number of companies offering reseller services. In fact, this is the most important aspect about a business of this kind.

The principle is simple. You buy bandwidth from a company, and you sell it to your clients. At the beginning, you will need to buy the smallest reselling package of a company, as you won’t have so many clients to sell your services to. Later, as your business grows, you should ask for more advanced reseller packages from your provider.

The billing software is usually offered by the companies offering reseller services, but you will need to check if this feature is available. In some cases, if you are not satisfied with the program offered by the hosting company, you can buy the program from other sources. On the other hand, the majority of hosting companies offer integrated solutions, with billing software included, so it is a good idea to buy this program from the hosting company. The program is used to issue the invoices for your clients, and to verify the payments they make, and also for sending the account details to those clients.

Now that you have a system for the clients to send the money to you, it is time to think about the system that will allow you to conduct a legal business. The merchant account must be obtained from your local banks, but you can find online services of this kind. There are also the third parties offering those services, but the commissions requested by those companies are pretty high, and their payment options are not so diversified.

The Customer Service system will make sure that all the questions of your clients are answered in an effective manner. Don’t neglect this aspect, as the clients today expect maximum efficiency from this point of view. The basic CS service offers contact with your clients through email. The system will make sure that all the enquiries are answered in less than 24 hours. During the latest years, third parties offering helpdesk services appeared, and you can use those companies for a monthly charge, of course.

Those are the steps you need to follow if you want to have your own web hosting company. After a while, when you are familiar with all the secrets of this business, you can buy your own servers, so you could conduct an independent business from your provider.

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