Do I need a dedicated server for my website?

As the owner of a growing internet business, one of the most important aspects to take care of is hosting. At the beginning, you will only need a shared hosting service that costs a few dollars a month.

Later, as your business grows and the number of visitors is higher, you will probably need to switch to a complete hosting package, such as a dedicated server.

On the other hand, switching to a dedicated server is risky. If you do it too early, you will pay serious money for some services that you don’t really need, and if you make the switch too late, you will lose an important number of visitors, disappointed by your slow site.

In order to determine the right moment when you need to switch from shared hosting to a dedicated server, you will need to determine what speed is needed for the dedicated processor, how much RAM memory is needed to, and how much storage space you would consume.

1. Processor Speed

The processor speed depends on the number of scripts needed by your site to run. A slow processor that has to run a large number of processes will result in a slow site. There are scripts that are only needed once or twice a day, but the most important ones are those running continuously on your website. Another important aspect is the average number of visitors on your site. A dedicated server will make sure that all your visitors would benefit of a fast and reliable site, and that all the scripts can run without conflicts.

2. RAM

The RAM memory is connected with the processor speed. The hosting company will probably decide about how much RAM memory considering the processor you request. The RAM memory depends on the number of processes needed for your site to run, and on the number of visitors.

3. Security

While a simple site needs basic security measurements, a growing site will probably need advanced security features; especially of we are talking about an online store or another kind of site that is involved in payment processing. While in the case of shared hosting, a hacking attack on one site will affect all the other sites hosted on the same servers, in case you benefit of a dedicated server, you won’t have such problems. On the other hand, if you are using a dedicated server, you are responsible about the security matters on the respective server, although you can ask the support of the hosting company to offer you some good solutions of this kind.

4. Software

The dedicated server will make sure that you can install any needed program, without being worried that it will affect the reliability of your site. You can install as many widgets and scripts as you want, and the site will still be fast.
5. Storage Space
The storage space needed is different from one site to the other, and it is not necessarily connected with the number of visitors. A video sharing hub will need a larger space on the server of the web hosting company, even if it only has a few visitors a day, while a personal blog would need a smaller space, even if it has hundreds of visitors a day.

6. Bandwidth

The bandwidth is important for a website, especially if the webmaster wants to send daily and weekly newsletters and other promotional materials to the subscribers. For a popular site, more than one dedicated server is required, but in this case, we are talking about huge sites of PR 6+.

Those are the most important aspects about hosting. If you currently have a shared hosting feature applied for your site, and one of those aspects are affected, than maybe it is time to consider an advanced hosting solution. A dedicated server is an important investment, so you will need to make sure you order this feature when it is needed.

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