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5. BBcWebHosting.com does not request personal details from clients using mails or other methods of communication. Do not disclose your username and password to any person soliciting those details. We would like for the users to announce us whenever they are the target of those phishing attacks in the name of our company.


6. The content of BBcWebHosting.com must be considered as having an informational character. We strive to post only updated articles and comparisons of different web hosting companies, but we know some of the details offered here might be out of date because of the fast changes in the internet world. BBcWebHosting.com declines any responsibility about potential financial and moral damages of the readers resulted from reading our articles. Please consider our articles, comparisons, blog posts and ideas as informational resources, but check the validity of the offered details on the pages of the hosting partners of BBcWebHosting.com.


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8. BBcWebHosting.com reserves the right to response and to prevent any hacking or malicious attack on the website, and also to terminate the accounts and to take any legal measurements against the users that are involved in such activities.


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