Web Hosting Articles How to Transfer Your Website From One Web Host To Another Without Losing Data

How to Transfer Your Website From One Web Host To Another Without Losing Data

There are several reasons why a site owner might decide to move his/her hosting account from one provider to another. Either your website is not loading very fast on web browsers as expected or downtime is becoming too rampant. It can also be that the services you’re getting with your current web host are literally mediocre or that the technical support team takes ages to fix simple issues. Remember to check for web hosting promo codes before transferring to your new host, almost all of them have excellent deals for new customers. In certain cases, you might want to change to a more affordable web hosting provider or because your site consumes more server resources than what your current web host can provide. Generally, moving from one web hosting company to another is a common practice on the Internet, but adequate care needs to be taken, in order not to lose precious files and other data. Unprofessional approach to transferring a web hosting account often leads to loss of some data. And I know you won’t want to lose some of your emails, database records, amongst others. Precautionary measures need to be taken seriously. As follows is a step-by-step guide of what you need to do to ensure nothing goes wrong:

Choose Another Web Host That Fulfills Your Needs:

Your reason for trying to change hosting will determine the type of service you will like the new company to provide. Check and compare similar hosting packages of reputable providers, read…
Web Hosting Articles Cheap Web Hosting Comparison, a Quick Compare of Hosting Plans and Features

Cheap Web Hosting Comparison, a Quick Compare of Hosting Plans and Features

Here you have the best 10 hosting companies and their hosting plans explained. However, those 10 pages are chosen considering the reviews of previous users and the analyses made by our specialists. Maybe the company on the 9th place is the best for what you need. Don’t worry, as BBCWebHosting has something for you in this case also. We also have a voucher for cloud hosting for less, if you determine that’s what your business needs. With our cool sorting feature provided here, you can compare two or three of those services. Instead of losing precious time reading the features of 10 hosting companies and their different packages, you just need to use this service and to compare only the packages you think they are suited for you. It is helpful for clients that don’t have the time or patience to read the reviews posted or other users. Some webmasters need a larger bandwidth because they want to send daily newsletters to hundreds of subscribers. Some others might need a package with an increased storage capacity, as they need to host a video sharing website. A major website that wants to keep a constant connection with the visitors will need a large number of email addresses based on the Web 2.0 technology. In this case, the webmaster needs supporting@bbcwebhosting.com, technical@bbcwebhosting.com, contact, sales, and an address for each webmaster. Some hosting companies offer a limited number of such email addresses, while others have packages with unlimited number of…
Web Hosting Articles Website hosting: How to Host a Website

Website hosting: How to Host a Website

With the large number of companies offering web hosting solutions today, it seems like a simple task to choose a package for your website. However, this variety of choices and the aggressive promotional campaigns of the web hosting companies make this choice difficult. For example godaddy.com’s introductory offers are very compelling, and they are one of the few companies to offer renewal coupons.

Different methods available for you to host a website

There are four methods to host a website, each one with its advantages and disadvantages. You must know them all, in order to make the best choice for your case. 1. Home Hosting: it is a complicated method, and even if some webmasters prefer it, as they have total control on the site, as long as it is hosted on their personal computer, it is not that great in terms of costs. It might seem like a free solution, but considering the fact that the computer must be turned on all the time, you might pay huge electricity bills. Moreover, a person that wants to choose this method needs advanced technical notions of HTML and networking. 2. Land-based hosting companies: you can find a large number of local companies offering hosting services on their servers. You can look for those companies online, and you will need to reach their offices to sign a hosting contract. 3. Free web hosting services: free web hosting has the only advantage that it is…free. Those solutions are slow and unreliable, and your…